Nylon Powder Coating

Powder Coated Handrail

powder coated handrail

This coating provides a very durable finish and can be used in both interior & exterior locations and is also suitable for use in high humidity and wet areas.
You will find nylon coated parts used extensively on handrails for disabled and public access as well as on trams, trains, buses and coaches etc. You may find that companies like Network Rail will specify a nylon coating in their unique orange colour. We stock this colour and would welcome enquiries for any coating work from Network Rail contactors.

Nylon is a non-toxic, odourless coating, has superb chemical resistance as well as impact and abrasion resistant. It is also a very decorative and weatherproof coating.

While Nylon is an expensive powder, because it can be applied more sparingly creating a thinner coating on the metal parts we are able to quote competitive pricing or offer a suitable alternative. If you have a nylon powder coating requirement please get in touch to discuss your requirements.