Warm to Touch Powder Coating

Warm to touch coating

Warm to touch coating

Warm to touch coatings are glossy and tough, with outstanding adhesion and superb resistance to solvents and oils. Extreme abrasion, corrosion resistance in a highly cosmetic finish make these coatings ideal for many applications.

The aesthetic effects are very appealing and none slip. Building Regulations-M1/M2 were changed in May 2004, and now stipulate that handrails should be “non slip” and “warm to the touch’.

Architects and designers are increasingly requesting this coating as it offers a superior thermal insulator than that of traditional Polyester powder coating. 170- 300 microns is typical for an electrostatic application. We would gladly provide you with a sample free of charge on your own tube so that you can feel and see the coating.

This coating is very robust and vandal proof, provides a long lasting tough coating for exterior applications and also ideal for coastal areas, street furniture and many other metal surfaces.

We are able to offer a collect and refurbish and reinstall service for any handrail systems UK wide.