Shot Blasting

Shot blasting in action

Shot blasting in action

In order to get the best finish on your metalwork prior to any kind of finishing or coating, it is essential to get the item free of any surface contaminants so that the powder coating will stick evenly and permanently to the metal providing years of hardwearing use without further painting or treatments. 

Shot blasting is the perfect way of ensuring your metal parts are: 

  • Free of corrosion
  • Free of any surface residue or grease
  • Roughened and cleaned, ready to accept the powder coating

At J A Stevenson we make our shot blasting service based in Telford available to all and simple to use. We can take your metal parts, arrange delivery and collection if required and can also offer a powder coating service. If you have a requirement to have your metal parts shot blasted and cleaned, please call us for a quote on 01952 582873.